Better Together

Today we traveled up the Pan American highway through the cloud-topped Sierra Madre mountains of the western highlands of Guatemala. We were meeting an amazing group of women and would witness a defining moment for the Association of the Mam Christian Women. What started many years ago was coming to fruition. Women with years of experience, those who had been mentored, and a second generation of daughters were empowered and working together to lead a robust array of successful projects. Read more

What Would You Decide in 3 Minutes?

My name is Jamie, and I’m just inhaling and absorbing every morsel of this trip. What a first day and introduction to the beautiful country of Guatemala! I have visited this country before…but only through the eyes of my son, Chris. It is my turn to look, see, and interpret.
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Affirming Relationships to Enable Sustainable Development

Our group is awake bright and early in Guatemala City!

All eight travelers arrived safely in Guatemala City last evening. The sun is shining and the weather is glorious—unlike at home right now! Seven travelers are representing New Castle Presbytery (Tracy, Rachel, Karen, Arun, Denison, Jamie, and Carrie) and we are delighted to also be joined by Mary Jane from Presbytery of the James in Richmond, Virginia.

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Next Delegation Commissioned – Ready to Travel to Guatemala

The next delegation from New Castle Presbytery will be traveling to Guatemala during the third week of January. This annual trip will continue to strengthen the relationships we have with our in-country partners. Activities will include visiting the staff at the CEDEPCA headquarters; meeting with the Board of the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development and seeing their projects throughout the countryside (revolving funds, family gardens, latrines); and even stopping by the workshop where the new fuel-efficient stoves are being manufactured to see them up close!

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