The Association recently launched a new Chicken Project to address food insecurity and provide women with yet another source of income. These young (mostly male) chickens are raised for meat, not eggs. They grow quickly and are fed corn, grass and special feed to keep their meat tender, making them the preferred bird for typical Guatemalan dishes like caldo (chicken vegetable soup) and pepián (a rich, flavorful stew).

A gift of $250 provides a woman with 20 chicks, feed and training.

Here’s how it works:

  • A qualified woman builds an approved coop and attends training.
  • She then receives a starter set of 20 chicks and special feed.
  • The young chickens are fattened up for three months.
  • The woman sells them for meat to others in her community, keeping a few to feed her family.
  • She repeats this cycle three more times – buying, fattening, and selling the chickens.
  • After a full year, she returns half of the investment (about $125) back to the Association to help another woman get started.
  • With her remaining profits, she continues raising chickens on her own, making this project sustainable.

To ensure that these chickens are fat, healthy, and well-cared for, women receive expert training from Carlos, our agricultural and livestock consultant. Before the chickens are delivered, Carlos confirms that the family has built an appropriate coop according to plans he provided to them. He visits the communities often to touch base, weigh the chickens, address any issues, and witness the success.

Starter Set of Chickens: $250

Each gift of $250 includes 20 chicks, special feed, delivery and training. Your gift is sustainable and will be paid forward. We hope you will support these incredible women by making a donation below. Shares are available and gifts of any size are appreciated. Thank you! 

Thank you!