Prayer Partnerships

Spiritual ties are the cornerstone of this Guatemala partnership. With our sisters and brothers in Guatemala, we are guided by the transforming power of God, seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ through word and deed, and affirm that all people are made in God’s image, and deserve love and respect.

One of the most meaningful ways we connect with each other is through prayer partnerships. What is a prayer partnership? The premise is simple. One person from the U.S. is paired with one person from Guatemala. Partners exchange photos of each other and promise to pray for each other every day. That’s it! No letters, no emails, no gifts are exchanged. Just the powerful act of prayer. The response to this initiative has been truly moving, with more than 400 people participating to date. Read one man’s beautifully written testimony about his prayer partner experience.

If you or your church would like a prayer partnership, please let us know. Often times, a church will sponsor a revolving funds group and establish a corresponding prayer partnership with those women. What an amazing way to make a personal connection!

In addition to prayer partnerships, we also worship together, participate in small group Bible studies, and have even been invited to preach on occasion!  Watch New Castle Presbytery’s very own Rev. Edwin Estevez in his element preaching a sermon to nearly 400 members in a local church.