Empowerment Training

The Association of Mam Christian Women for Development recognizes that empowered women build strong families and communities. It offers many opportunities for women to gain self-confidence, build self-esteem, and improve their emotional well-being. For several years, the Association has partnered with CEDEPCA to offer a workshop called Resilience in the Face of Crisis. This six-session course teaches women how to prepare for natural disasters, cope with domestic and sexual abuse, and know their rights as women under Guatemalan law. This training is funded by New Castle Presbytery.

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Women in the Association also hold leadership roles, learn to develop business plans, and practice public speaking. Twice a year at the Assembly meeting, women stand up in front of their peers to report on their revolving fund project. This is a huge step for many women, and it is evident how much their self-confidence has grown over the years!