Empowerment Training

The Association of Mam Christian Women for Development recognizes that empowered women build strong families and communities. It offers many opportunities for women to gain self-confidence, build self-esteem, and improve their emotional well-being. For several years, the Association has partnered with CEDEPCA to offer a workshop called Resilience in the Face of Crisis. This six-session course teaches women how to prepare for natural disasters, cope with domestic and sexual abuse, and know their rights as women under Guatemalan law. Additional trainings include Being a Woman is Marvelous and Tamar: Stop Violence Against Teenage Girls. 

A gift of just $50 will enable one woman or teenage girl to receive this uplifting and life-changing experience. Your donation will pay for CEDEPCA’s time and travel expenses, materials and supplies, and a hot lunch each day for participants.


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Women in the Association also hold leadership roles, learn to develop business plans, and practice public speaking. Twice a year at the Assembly meeting, women stand up in front of their peers to report on their revolving fund project. This is a huge step for many women, and it is evident how much their self-confidence has grown over the years!