Food Kit Delivery Day!

We have an exciting update to share with you: Emergency food kits are being delivered in Guatemala as we speak!

Since launching this initiative in May, we have received an unprecedented level of support that quickly surpassed our original goal of providing 300 food kits to families in need. We are truly grateful to those of you who contributed to this project. We also want to recognize the exceptional work of our in-country partners: CEDEPCA and the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development.

Without their dedication and coordination, this project would not be possible. Strict travel restrictions and disrupted food supply chains in Guatemala have made the logistics of this program very difficult. But these two non-profit organizations are used to working collaboratively and were able to meet the challenge seamlessly and safely, resulting in each Association family receiving a food kit.

In addition to these food kits, which will feed a family of five for one month, many women are also receiving egg-laying chickens that will provide a sustainable source of protein for their families during the next year.

Without a doubt, the fall-out from COVID-19 will continue to exacerbate already high levels of chronic malnutrition and food insecurity in rural Guatemala. Our work to address this critical need will not falter, and deliveries of chickens and food kits will be ongoing. Please support our efforts by making a gift, spreading the word, and lifting up our Guatemalan friends in prayer. Thank you!

Father’s Day Bonus Gift – Get Three Chickens Free!

Father’s Day is almost here. Don’t have the perfect gift yet? No problem! We have you covered. Donate an emergency food kit to honor Dad, and we will include three egg-laying chickens as a bonus.

Yes, that’s right…when you purchase a COVID-19 Emergency Food Kit for a vulnerable family in Guatemala ($70), the Guatemala Partnership of New Castle Presbytery will match your gift with three egg-laying chickens. The food kit will feed a family of five for one month. The chickens will lay an additional 60 eggs each month – for more than a year! (This offer will apply to the first 100 food kits purchased.)

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Approaching Our Goal for Emergency Food Kits!

Reports from our Guatemalan friends and partners have confirmed what we have been fearing: people all over the country, including women in the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development, are struggling more than ever just to feed their families during this COVID-19 crisis. Curfews, lockdowns, and suspended public transportation have made it nearly impossible to travel to work or to the markets. Incomes are disappearing. Stores are running out of food. Prices are rising. There are no food banks and little government assistance. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

The Association has 300 members – and our goal is to ensure that EVERY woman receives an Emergency Food Kit. To date, 231 Food Kits have been sponsored, so we are nearly there! Congregations, mission committees, individual church members, friends, and family have participated. If you have already purchased a food kit – THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet, we hope you will, so we can reach our goal of 300.

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Help Us Respond!

The global impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. But for those already living in vulnerable communities in Guatemala, the effects of this crisis are even more devastating. The government has put curfews in place and halted public transportation, making it difficult for people to get to work or shop in the markets for food.

In response to this crisis, we are teaming up with CEDEPCA and the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development to provide additional support to those in need. Our first initiative is supplying Emergency Food Kits that will feed a family of five for one month. And we need your help!

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Steering Committee Formed and Getting Down to Business

The Guatemala Partnership of New Castle Presbytery has just exploded in the last two years….in a good way! There is new energy from churches, new excitement from individuals, and new commitment from the Presbytery. We launched a website, increased our financial support tenfold, and formalized our partnerships in Guatemala. There are now 12 churches within the Presbytery involvedwith more in the wingsand more and more individual members have traveled with us to see God’s work up close.

NCP Guatemala Steering Committee
Steering Committee meets via Zoom

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