CEDEPCA Representatives Visit New Castle Presbytery

Three esteemed colleagues from our partner organization CEDEPCA (the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America) have arrived from Guatemala City and will be here for the next week: giving presentations, attending meetings, worshiping with us, and of course, having some fun!

(Pictured left to right: Nancy Carrera, Delia Leal, Judith Castañeda)

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Receive This Recognition with Love

fullsizeoutput_623cDuring a recent trip to Guatemala in June, the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development presented New Castle Presbytery with an official – and heartfelt – diploma. It is signed by every board member and reads: “With a deep appreciation for the support to the projects of the Association for the benefit of the families of the Mam area. Receive this recognition with love.” The women told us that they pray for members of the Presbytery every day and send their blessings to all of you. Thank you for your continued support of their work!

A Photo that Makes My Heart Sing

I woke up yesterday morning to find this fabulous photo in my inbox. At first glance it didn’t look particularly special, but upon further reflection, it made my heart sing – and here is why:


First of all, this photo was sent to me by the new part-time administrative secretary of the Association (hired in February using funds from Ignite). Yohana is young, sharp as a tack, and technologically-savvy. So she is now starting to give us real-time updates of the projects of the Association – what a gift! This photo was taken just a few days ago.

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Update: Damaged Manufacturing Workshop Back in Operation

In early March, two enormous trees fell on the workshop of our Guatemalan partners AJPU, causing significant damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the entire roof and portions of the external walls were destroyed. To witness the damage up-close, view this five-minute video taken just hours after the tree fell. Please be sure your Subtitles/Closed Captioning is turned ON in order to read the translation in English.

With the resilience and resourcefulness that is so typically Guatemala, AJPU had a crew working onsite within 24 hours. A week later, they had secured a loan from the bank and had begun reconstruction.  We are pleased to report that they are now back up and running at full capacity! Read more

Check Out the Updated Website!

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.59.23 PM

As the Guatemala Partnership continues to flourish, we elevated the website to better inform interested parties of the work happening in Western Guatemala. View the various projects that you or your church can support and other exciting ways to participate.

Please use this resource to share whether it be with your congregation or mission committees. All are welcome in this partnership!