Affirming Relationships to Enable Sustainable Development

Our group is awake bright and early in Guatemala City!

All eight travelers arrived safely in Guatemala City last evening. The sun is shining and the weather is glorious—unlike at home right now! Seven travelers are representing New Castle Presbytery (Tracy, Rachel, Karen, Arun, Denison, Jamie, and Carrie) and we are delighted to also be joined by Mary Jane from Presbytery of the James in Richmond, Virginia.

This annual, presbytery-wide trip continues to strengthen the relationships we have with our in-country partners—the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development, CEDEPCA, and AJPU—all of whom bring their distinct expertise and resources to enable this partnership to flourish. Together, the three organizations collaborate to support sustainable development initiatives for indigenous women and communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.

Starting today, we embark on a week-long adventure filled with learning opportunities, new experiences, and meaningful partnerships.

In the coming days, activities include:


It’s bound to be an enriching week for all as we continue to strengthen bonds and foster new ones. As depicted in the video below, we believe we are addressing poverty in Guatemala—beyond projects and programs—through relationships. Stay tuned for updates on some of those relationships in the near future. Thanks for following us on our journey!