The Moment I First Saw God I was in Guatemala

A view from Lake Atitlán

Hey everyone, this is Josh Cox. After much thought, I reflected upon my time in Guatemala and the impact it had on my spiritual journey.

My experience in Guatemala had a very deep and powerful impact on me. I embarked on this journey with Westminster Presbyterian Church as a youth leader, with nine of our high school kids. Up until this point in my life, I have always struggled with my faith. I felt like there needed to be proof or a sign; instead, I watched my friends and family go through struggles nobody should have to go through without any help from above. Then two months before leaving for Guatemala, I witnessed a policeman, who was also a good man, a father, a husband, get shot and killed. This senseless act of brutal violence shattered any remnants of faith I was holding on to. I was broken.

If there was a God, how could he just let this happen?

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