CEDEPCA Representatives Visit New Castle Presbytery

Three esteemed colleagues from our partner organization CEDEPCA (the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America) have arrived from Guatemala City and will be here for the next week: giving presentations, attending meetings, worshiping with us, and of course, having some fun!

(Pictured left to right: Nancy Carrera, Delia Leal, Judith Castañeda)

We are honored to welcome Judith Castañeda, Founder and General Coordinator of the CEDEPCA, Delia Leal, Regional Coordinator of the Women’s Ministry, and Nancy Carrera, Program Coordinator of the Intercultural Encounters Program to the New Castle Presbytery (NCP) for the week.

This visit is a part of the broader partnership agreement between the NCP and CEDEPCA, which requires CEDEPCA to send at least one delegate to visit the presbytery and member churches. This agreement was made in January 2019 when the NCP delegation visited Guatemala and is ongoing through 2021.

New Castle Presbytery took its first Intercultural Encounters trip with CEDEPCA back in 1998. Since then, CEDEPCA has become much more than simply our trip facilitator; they have offered invaluable insight and guidance to us as we navigate our many relationships in Guatemala. Truly, our work in Guatemala would not be possible without CEDEPCA.

Our friends from Guatemala have visited and met with members of the presbytery, member churches and enjoyed some fellowship all along the way.

Visiting New Castle Presbyterian Church and Longwood Gardens, hosting a lunch & learn with 8 NCP churches, and enjoying wine and cheese for women’s ministry.

Judith, Delia, and Nancy will be at the upcoming presbytery meeting. Later in the week, they will be giving a presentation about the current situation in Guatemala and how CEDEPCA is responding, which you will be able to view on our Facebook page.

Join us in welcoming Judith, Delia, and Nancy to the New Castle Presbytery!

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