A Photo that Makes My Heart Sing

I woke up yesterday morning to find this fabulous photo in my inbox. At first glance it didn’t look particularly special, but upon further reflection, it made my heart sing – and here is why:


First of all, this photo was sent to me by the new part-time administrative secretary of the Association (hired in February using funds from Ignite). Yohana is young, sharp as a tack, and technologically-savvy. So she is now starting to give us real-time updates of the projects of the Association – what a gift! This photo was taken just a few days ago.

Second, as you can see, this photo shows that the Association’s reforestation project is well-underway. And Trinity Presbyterian Church is (as we speak) sending a generous donation of $1,300 down to the Association so the women can purchase and plant 5,000 more tree-saplings in their communities in the coming months. Thank you Trinity!


And finally, guess which group of women is receiving this particular batch of trees?  You guessed it – Triunfadoras! – which is the new microloan group that New Castle Church just sponsored with a generous grant of $3,100. They also established a prayer partnership with the 12 women of this group.


Many hands make light work. We are so grateful to Ignite and the many churches in New Castle Presbytery who are engaged in this partnership. These small miracles would not be happening without you! If you would like to learn more about getting your church involved, please contact us.




4 thoughts on “A Photo that Makes My Heart Sing

  • How nice to see the development of a project that has multiple benefits. It helps individual Guatemalans in the economic enterprise of growing trees. It helps the country’s farmers by stabilizing the soil. Finally, it helps the entire planet because trees, as the largest plants on earth, provide us with oxygen and store carbon.

    Thanks for keeping us informed about this vital activity.


  • So much to know and cherish in one picture; what an example of what deeper, equal, mutual relationship really means!

    Thanks for sharing, and for your thoughts, Carrie.

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