A Day of Relaxation and Reflection

Hi everyone,

This is Chris Hickey here, one of the young adult leaders. Let’s take a deep dive into our last days in Guatemala.

After saying goodbye to our friends at the local church, we left the highlands of Guatemala to visit Lake Atitlán.

The group smiles at the overlook at Lake Atitlán

It’s absolutely gorgeous! After settling into our hotel, we got a nice meal and took to the streets to test our negotiating skills at the local market. What’s a trip without a few sourveniers?

We had such a late lunch we had ice cream for dinner (the meal of champions).

Overall, it was a great day to relax and reflect on this transformative experience. As our days in Guatemala continue to dwindle, it was nice to have time to think about all of the people we have met and pay respects to this beautiful country. There’s something about Guatemala and its people that makes one feel closer to God. I’m still not exactly sure what that is; however, that is all the more reason for another visit. ​

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