Cattle Project

One of the Association’s most important initiatives is the Revolving Funds program. The objective of this program is to give women access to income-earning opportunities by providing them with a small amount of capital to start a project. Women from the same aldea, or village, organize themselves into small groups and apply for a grant together. They must also return the grant together. The group can repeat this cycle several times until their projects become self-sustaining. At this point, the full grant can be passed along to the next group on the waiting list. 

Projects vary from chocolate-making, roadside tortilla stands, growing potatoes, and raising small livestock such as rabbits and chickens. 

But by far, the most popular – and most profitable – project is raising cattle. 

Here’s how it works:

  • As part of a group, each woman applies for a $300 grant to purchase a cow or bull
  • She receives guidance, training, and support from an agricultural/livestock expert
  • Cows are raised to produce milk and calves
  • Bulls are fattened for a year then sold for a handsome profit
  • Cattle manure and urine can be used or sold for fertilizer for family gardens
  • Many women also receive a subsidy to build or improve their cattle shelter
  • The recipient family pays for vitamins and de-worming medicine
  • The $300 is paid back in full; extra profits put food on the table and send kids to school

Gift of a Cow or Bull: $300

Shares are available and all gift amounts are appreciated! To make a donation, simply use this order form or donate online. Your gift is 100% sustainable and will continue to work year after year!  


Thank you!