Family Gardens

“How do you grow such gorgeous radishes?”


The answer is simple…in just five easy steps!

Step 1:  Each year, Presbytery of the James (Richmond, Virginia) sends a generous donation to CEDEPCA earmarked for the purchase of vegetable seeds for family gardens.

Step 2:  CEDEPCA purchases high-quality seeds, packages them, and delivers them to almost 200 families in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Half of these recipients are women of the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development.

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Step 3:  The Association Board schedules seed delivery and contracts with Carlos, our agricultural expert, to provide training to the women several times during the year. New Castle Presbytery underwrites this critical training.

Step 4 In the Spring, women plant their family vegetable gardens, known as huertos, and put into action the training they received from Carlos. Many women even collect urine from their revolving fund cow to use as high-quality fertilizer.

Step 5:  The result? Gorgeous radishes! In fact, this woman’s garden is so productive that her neighbors recently approached her to purchase surplus vegetables. She is now teaching her children and other women in her community how to plant and care for their gardens.


As you can see, this project is the result of many partners working together: CEDEPCA, the Association, an agro-ecology consultant and two U.S. Presbyteries. This seamless collaboration is resulting in beautiful produce and healthy families.

So what do we do with all of these veggies?

With such productive family gardens, the Association has been experimenting with new and creative ways to prepare these vegetables in order to boost the nutritional intake of their families. They are currently working on a recipe book that will offer women tasty options, such as veggie pizzas made on tortillas. Right now, we are looking for someone to sponsor the printing of this recipe book ($200), so please reach out if you would like to help.