Largest Trip to Date Sparks Excitement and Anticipation

For the most part, the world is quiet at 4:00 in the morning. Kimberly, a fellow traveler, picked me up at and we headed to the Philadelphia Airport. A few lights on in homes and very few cars on the road. Traffic was light, parking and transfer to shuttle bus was easy. There was a sense of uneasiness that is in the back of my mind regarding travel: would the lines be long, would we have to rush to the gate, would my boarding pass come up on airport WiFi and other first world concerns.

The reality that took over was sheer excitement! I was going to Guatemala, a very spiritual place and a place close to my heart, and I was going to be able to see Guatemala and our projects through the eyes of  travelers who had not visited in the past. There are 16 of us from 8 different churches traveling to the Land of Eternal Spring today to visit CEDEPCA, based in Guatemala City, and the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development. This is the largest and most diverse delegation this partnership has sent to Guatemala, a great example of the growing commitment to this important work.

The group is comprised of members from: Covenant, Hanover, Limestone, New Castle, Trinity, West Nottingham, and Westminster Wilmington from New Castle Presbytery as well as Aldersgate United Methodist Church in North Carolina.

In the days ahead, we will share stories, break bread, laugh, and cry. It is an experience that is not replaceable. As we begin our adventure in this beautiful land, we hope you will follow along to read the reflections from our new and veteran travelers.

~ Cathy

6 thoughts on “Largest Trip to Date Sparks Excitement and Anticipation

  • What an exciting adventure with so many wonderful people experiencing the land and people we love! đź’•
    Wish I could be there!
    Hi to Rosario and students in the sewing school.
    Mucho amor,
    Ana Finch
    Aldersgate UMC
    Durham, NC

    • This is so inspiring. Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to post. —-John Johnston.

  • So excited for everyone! Have fun, be adventurous & stay safe. For the newbies, you’re in for a remarkable & life changing experience.

  • I’m very much looking forward to following your journey and adventures in what will be a trip that I know will have a great impact on your lives and those of the people you visit.

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