Courageous Women

On our fourth day in Guatemala, we traveled to visit two different revolving fund groups of indigenous women in the Association. The women have a strong and remarkable faith. As it says in Joshua 1:9, “…Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” These women displayed powerful courage and strength in conquering obstacles in their lives with hard work and faith.

At the first community, we were welcomed by the group called “Mujeres Virtuosas” or the Virtuous Women. We were graciously greeted by the vice president standing outside the church waiting for us to arrive. Invited into the kitchen, we met the members that were preparing lunch.

Two of the members demonstrated how to make a tamale, and Jamie got a private lesson!

We then toured the homes of several members, and the women proudly showed us their progress on the projects which were primarily family gardens and livestock. This helps feed their families, and moreover, produce a profit for the women.

We made our way back to the church for a delicious lunch called Caldo Res. Everyone sang happy birthday in English and in Spanish to a member of the revolving fund group who was celebrating. The Virtuous Women thanked the Presbytery for making the projects possible. Our hearts were soaring when we left!

The second visit was the women of Reina. The president was delighted to see us when we arrived at her house. Shortly after we came, the other members appeared with a warm welcome. The president proudly displayed and explained her seedling project. Seven women plant 800 seedlings per year. The Reina women sell the seedlings for profit and also to the Association for their reforestation project.

Seedling Project at Reina

I found the women of both groups to be welcoming, engaging, generous, confident and hardworking. It was a privilege to meet these women who inspire all of us.

~ Rachel

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