Approaching Our Goal for Emergency Food Kits!

Reports from our Guatemalan friends and partners have confirmed what we have been fearing: people all over the country, including women in the Association of Mam Christian Women for Development, are struggling more than ever just to feed their families during this COVID-19 crisis. Curfews, lockdowns, and suspended public transportation have made it nearly impossible to travel to work or to the markets. Incomes are disappearing. Stores are running out of food. Prices are rising. There are no food banks and little government assistance. The situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

The Association has 300 members – and our goal is to ensure that EVERY woman receives an Emergency Food Kit. To date, 231 Food Kits have been sponsored, so we are nearly there! Congregations, mission committees, individual church members, friends, and family have participated. If you have already purchased a food kit – THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet, we hope you will, so we can reach our goal of 300.

These Food Kits:

  • Contain basic staples such as rice, beans, oil, sugar, flour, salt, oatmeal, powdered milk, eggs, Clorox, toilet paper, and detergent.
  • Help feed a family of five for one month
  • Reach the most vulnerable women of the Association first
  • Are sourced from local businesses and distributed by CEDEPCA

Cost per Emergency Food Kit: $70

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One thought on “Approaching Our Goal for Emergency Food Kits!

  • Blessings to all for your outreach to our Guatemalan brothers and sisters in their time of dire need.

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