Clinic Grand Opening and Health Fair

On this current trip to Guatemala, “we” (Westminster members Cathy Higgins, Carrie Saathoff and Baden Saathoff) were invited to travel with Dottie and Stan Foster, Cindie Moore, and members of Nacoochee Presbyterian Church of north Georgia. Dottie Foster is the daughter of Dudley and Dorothy Peck who were Presbyterian missionaries in Guatemala from 1922 to 1970. Dr. Stanley Foster is an MD, MPH at Emory University and the CDC. Cindie Moore is the U.S. Liaison to the Association.


Dottie and Stan Foster

Nacoochee’s primary mission on this trip is to inaugurate Rosario’s new clinic with a two-day health fair focusing on child, maternal and women’s health.

Edy checking height and weight

Guatemala ranks among the highest in stunting rates, with 50% of the population affected. Low height to age proportion leads to lowered cognitive function and chronic disease. The focus of this two-day clinic is to document the incidents of malnutrition, distribute vitamins and medication, and make nutritional recommendations.

A woman receives vitamins
Cindie Moore checking clients in

We also highlighted dental care to the participants, many of whom had never heard about flossing and can’t afford toothpaste. A member of Nacoochee designed an amazing coloring book in Spanish about dental health. Nacoochee and Ignite then partnered to cover the cost of printing 300 books and purchasing boxes of crayons. Thanks again to everyone who supports these projects!

Dottie Foster explains in Mam (yes, Mam!) how to floss
Amanda makes a new friend
Siblings enjoy coloring books

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